What is the Royalty free license, and is it the same as Commercial Free?

Posted on Wednesday, March 20, 2024 00:46


Licensing terms can be hard to understand. "Royalty-Free" and "Commercial-Free (Attribution Required)," often cause confusion. While they share some similarities, crucial differences exist.

Royalty Free:

Imagine a world where you buy a song once and sing it as often as your heart desires without paying extra. That's the essence of Royalty-Free. It grants you the perpetual right to use a digital asset (images, music, fonts, etc.) for personal and commercial purposes, without attributing the creator. Almost all of our free assets are under this license.

Commercial Free (Attribution Required):

This license, while resembling Royalty-Free, introduces a twist. You get the same freedom to use the asset for personal and commercial purposes, but with one factor: attribution. You must credit the creator in a specific way in the license term.

Personal Use License:

Any assets that fall under this license type are soely made to use for your personal projects that do not generate any financial benefits.

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