I found an abuse case of your design asset(s).

Posted on Wednesday, March 20, 2024 00:39


If you've identified an abuse case with our design assets on the website, we appreciate bringing it to our attention. To report such cases, we provide a straightforward process for your convenience.

Instead of using the DMCA report form, we recommend emailing us directly as we are more prompt.

Visit our support page, where you'll find a dedicated form for reporting issues, including abuse cases related to our design assets. Fill out <a href="/support/contact?type=report-abuse">the form</a> with as accurate information as possible, with context and evidence to support your claim.

Alternatively, you can report the abuse case by sending an email directly to our support team. Use the email address (support@themecloset.com) provided on our website and include all relevant details, such as the description , evidence, and your contact information.

Upon receiving your report through either the support form or email, our team will promptly review the information. We take every abuse case seriously and conduct a thorough assessment to validate the claims made in the report.

Should the abuse case be deemed valid, and it involves our design assets, we will take immediate action. This may include the swift removal or disabling of access to the misused design assets, ensuring the continued integrity of our creative assets on the platform.

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