I found a copyrighted/license material on the website.

Posted on Wednesday, March 20, 2024 00:31


If you've identified copyrighted or licensed material on our website that raises concerns, we encourage you to utilize our DMCA report form for a seamless and efficient notification process.

Navigate to our dedicated DMCA report form, designed to simplify the submission of infringement notifications. We value your efforts in helping maintain the integrity of copyright on our platform.

When filling out the DMCA report form, ensure that you provide accurate and detailed information. Include your contact details, a precise description of the copyrighted or licensed material, and evidence affirming your ownership or licensing rights. This evidence might encompass original files, creation dates, or relevant contracts that establish your rights to the material.

Upon receiving your completed DMCA report form, our team will promptly review the information provided. We take each claim seriously, conducting a thorough assessment to verify the validity of the infringement notification.

In the event that the claim is deemed valid and the reported content infringes on your copyright or licensing rights, we will take immediate action. This may involve the swift removal or disabling of access to the infringing material.

Your proactive use of the DMCA report form contributes to fostering a fair and respectful digital environment. We appreciate your collaboration in notifying us of any copyrighted or licensed material that raises concerns. Together, we can uphold copyright standards and promptly address valid claims, ensuring a positive and creative online community for all.

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