1. Grid or layout

    Make it gallery, or just one column. Salvia supports different layout structures. Make it diverse.

    Over millons of downloads

    Salvia is currently featured on Tumblr theme garden as the most downloaded, and is picked by the editor as notable.

    Free theme

    It's free to use Salvia, even commercially. There's no need to pay any extra license to use.

    Hidden menu

    Salvia comes with a beautiful, yet functional hidden menu for your links, and avatar.

    Job titles

    Put your job titles over the header on Salvia, and make them redirectable to your personal websites.

    Change your layout style

    There are four different layout styles you may use on Salvia. Make it one column, or stretch a little bit of your posts – all you have to do is to choose a layout style.

    Custom pages

    Tumblr is not limited to one page. You can create a whole new page, using the same layout of Persona Pro. Create a contact form, about, or any custom page.

    On demend fonts

    Tumblr's amazing font list provides basic fonts for every use. What fonts do your themes support?