1. Share your work

    There are many plugins that allow you to share your posts. These include Pinterest, Embedded links, Facebook, Email, Tweet and many more.

    Social media icons

    Major social media icons, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more, are available on Ruby.

    Lightbox feature

    Explore through a range of your creative work by one click - Ruby supports a ligthbox plugin that enables you to move through a wide range of your images.

    Enable captions

    Removing captions for each post is a huge hassle. We've added an option for just that. Enable captions, or disable them if necessary. All it takes is just one click.

    Mobile layout

    Ruby has a built-in mobile layout. Use the default version or you may build one yourself by using the mobile page feature on Tumblr.

    Built for your customization

    Change your layout, add paddings, resize header, or choose the font you love – Ruby is built for any possible look that you may have in your mind.

    Custom pages

    Tumblr is not limited to one page. You can create a whole new page, using the same layout of Persona Pro. Create a contact form, about, or any custom page.

    On demend fonts

    Tumblr's amazing font list provides basic fonts for every use. What fonts do your themes support?