1. Built to persist

    Web trends is a fascinating subject, but no matter what it is the classic, vintage design always lasts forever. Peach is a classic theme built to write, maintain, and create.

    Choose your layout

    Like all other themes we have, Peach is especially useful if you have a great taste for building your own customized layout. Customizing columns, spacing, and size, you can create more than 50 layouts.

    Narrative photography

    Its minimal design gracefully conveys the message of simplicity, and narrates your photography in its simple, but functional layout.

    Custom pages

    Tumblr is not limited to one page. You can create a whole new page, using the same layout of Persona Pro. Create a contact form, about, or any custom page.

    On demend fonts

    Tumblr's amazing font list provides basic fonts for every use. What fonts do your themes support?