1. Make it colourful

    You can easily change the overall appearance of your blog by editing the colors. Be creative & make it colorful.

    Consistent look

    We tried to maintain the simple, but vintage look of Lilly as much as possible – keeping the font serif and minimising blog elements.

    Make it italic

    Lilly enables you to make your header elements italic. Just enable the option, and the magic happens!

    Upload your own logo

    You may upload your own logo, or create one using the text/font option on Lily.

    Go vintage

    Lilly is one of the few themes that has a simple yet vintage vibe. If you love photography – especially black-and -white one – Lilly is your theme.

    Images optimised

    We implemented a new plugin on Lilly that significantly reduces memory usage on a long layout. This is especially useful if your blog is mostly of photography.

    Custom pages

    Tumblr is not limited to one page. You can create a whole new page, using the same layout of Persona Pro. Create a contact form, about, or any custom page.

    On demend fonts

    Tumblr's amazing font list provides basic fonts for every use. What fonts do your themes support?