1. Lightbox feature

    We use the Featherlight Lightbox plugin. With this plugin, you can easily zoom-in your photos by clicking on them.

    Perfect for photography blog

    Erica is designed as minimal as possible so your photos make the sole focus of your blog.

    Highly Responsive

    Erica is a highly responsive theme. Access your blog from a mobile, tablet, Mac, or PC—whatever device you use, Erica will adjust accordingly to its browser size.

    Scroll infinitely or paginate it

    Use the "Infinite Scroll" option to make your blogging smoother or paginate it to keep track of your posts!

    theme for writers

    Writers love Erica. Erica is the perfect them for those who post journal entries on a regular basis. Erica is also compatible with basic Tumblr text decorations

    Minimal, but versatile

    Minimal but versatile—Erica has everything for you to write, post, listen, and watch on your blog.

    Custom pages

    Tumblr is not limited to one page. You can create a whole new page, using the same layout of Persona Pro. Create a contact form, about, or any custom page.

    On demend fonts

    Tumblr's amazing font list provides basic fonts for every use. What fonts do your themes support?