Tumblr Theme Garden

Created on Sunday, September 3, 2017 3:00 PM Updated 2 years ago 2.36 K views

What is Tumblr theme garden?

Tumblr theme garden must be the world's most abundant platform to buy your own web template. Not only does it allow you to purchase any theme with just one click, but also you have lots, lots of theme choices on that page. There are also numerous of free themes that you can try out. Tumblr made it easier to install, purchase, code, or build themes. 

Why some of your themes are not available on that page?

Themes on Tumblr theme garden must be unique, and available at a fixed price. As we offer pricing types, and extended license for each theme we have on our website, these themes cannot be a part of their market.

How do I reinstall your theme from Tumblr theme garden?

As long as you purchased it with your account, you can download it as much as you want to. You can also install it for your sub-blog(s). Click the 'install' button on the theme page you purchased the theme from. You will be able to apply it to your blog.

I want a refund, how's the policy?

As long as it’s been less than two weeks since you bought it, you are eligible for a refund. Just send Tumblr a note and include your blog URL, date of purchase, and method of payment (last four digits of your credit card, or your Paypal email address). You’ll receive a response within three business days. For more infomration, refer to their help center article : https://www.tumblr.com/docs/en/blog_customization#refund

I installed your free theme. Can you help me customize it a little bit?

Unfortunately, we are not offering any customize service for free themes due to a high volume of customize requests from purchased users. We'd love to hear about the themes, how you use it, and what there could be to improve the theme. Feel free to leave a message at [email protected]