What fonts do your themes support?

Created on Friday, September 25, 2020 10:34 AM Updated 3 months ago 4.75 K views

Tumblr's basic font list

1785 Baskervile, Alternatie Gothic, Arquitecta, Avalon, Baskervile, Bodoni, Bookmania, Brutal type, Calluna, Calluna Sans, Capita,  Calson FS, Clarendon, Clearface, Fang song, Gramond, Georgia, Gibson, Grumpy, Helvetica, Kaiti, Lorimer No 2, Lucida Sans, News Gothic, Pratt Pro, Quadrat, Sim Hei, Sofia Pro, Spade, Square Serif, Sweet script, Typewriter, Verdana, Ziglets.

Below is a quick preview of what fonts Tumblr themes support:

Google fonts

These fonts are not available on the list. You may need to implement a custom CSS to change it to your preferred Google font. Google supports about 900 font families currently, and these are absolutely free to use for any purpose, even commercially.

Updated on September: You can now use your our plugin to use any font type from Google Font. For more information refer to our plugin page (Easy Google Font plugin)


Our themes support icons from Fontastic.me.  We built a custom-made icon set to use on our themes. Here's the list of it.